Home theater

distributed audio

Music can make you happy, energized and help you enjoy life. Discover how music throughout your space can enhance your mood.

Do you control your house or does it control you? Discover the many ways you can take control of your home with technology.

Shades create efficiency, allow for privacy and can enhance the lighting in any space. Discover the many options available to make your space uniquely yours.

Connectivity is the way everything communicates. Discover how having the proper network installed can help you feel connected.


structured wiring


Your yard is an extension of your living space. Discover the ways we can use technology to make it one of the best 'rooms' in your house.

Michigan weather can leave many golfers in the cold for much of the year. Discover how you can enjoy golf year round...even in Michigan!

Lighting control

Security is necessary, but that doesn't mean it needs to be unsightly and expensive. Discover how you can feel secure about your space no matter where you are.

Simplifying Technology

​Enhancing Lives


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Conference rooms are more than just meeting spaces, they are collaboration spaces. Discover how technology can enhance the collaboration on any project.

Every project starts with a good infrastructure. Discover why a proper infrastructure can make all the difference in how your space functions.

Proper lighting in a space can make all the difference. Discover how controlling it can allow you to easily create scenes helping you live your best life.

Restaurants, offices and specialty retailers are notorious for having their tech pieced together. Discover how a plan with an integrator can create a dependable and easy to use experience in your space.

Home theaters are spaces that bring people together and create memories. Discover what a little family time can do for you.

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Home automation

Technology shouldn't be scary or difficult to use and enjoy.

At TruMedia we believe in the 'Kiss' Method - 'Keep it Super simple'

​Let us help you simplify your technology so it can enhance your life.