In September of 2014, Amanda became a CEDIA Outreach 

Instructor or COI.

​The CEDIA Outreach Instructor program gives CEDIA members

the tools they need to deliver quality presentations to builders, designers and architects and enables them to present relevant and timely education to industry partners within their geographic regions.

​Currently, there are 10 courses available to have Amanda teach you or your group for continuing education credits.  If you want to learn about custom  electronics and smart home automation, Amanda’s wealth of knowledge is an invaluable resource. Please all our office to request a course or to receive our upcoming course schedule.

​​Dedicated Theater Design – Understand what a home theater is – and what it isn’t. This course will discuss home theater acoustics, design, equipment, seating and more.

Lighting Control Illuminated – This course offers an overview of lighting control terminology, benefits and solutions, all presented in easy-to-understand language.

​Using Technology Systems to Help Homeowners Live a Greener Life  – This course will discuss how electronic devices can work toward reducing a home’s carbon footprint.

​​Controlling and Isolating Sound in the Design and Construction Process – This course will review the needs for sound-isolated specialty rooms, including the three tools of sound isolation: mass, absorption, and mechanical isolation.

Wiring Requirements to Support Electronic Systems – This course will cover technology trends and their impact on today’s homes as well as the basic infrastructure needed to support these technologies.

Understanding Today's Home Technology and Infrastructure Options – There are many available options related to technology for today’s savvy clients. This course will help guide participants through the myriad of choices.

Proper Planning for Residential Electronic Systems – This course describes the processes used by professionals in the project planning, design, and installation phases of electronic systems.

Designing to Disguise: The Art of Hiding Technology – This course reviews the three-pronged approach to hiding technology: advance planning, design philosophy and product selection.

Digital Signage Solutions – This course offers a definition of digital signage and examines how this industry is projected to grow and change over time.

Technology for Outdoor Spaces – This course will discuss the full range of outdoor technology options, unique challenges posed by the environment, and options for infrastructure.

To find out more about any of these courses or to schedule a time for you or your team to attend any of these courses, please contact us today!

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Amanda Wildman

Cedia Outreach Instructor