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At TruMedia we have some simple goals for you when it comes to your Smart Home Automation.  We want your system to work seamlessly, be easy to operate, reflect our family values and be technically superior.

At TruMedia, our goal is to have your technology integrate seamlessly into your home or office. TruMedia is a family-owned business providing smart home automation & integration systems, home theater systems and custom integration in the greater Grand Rapids area. When we design your system, we don’t just look at the individual parts—we look at your technology as a system within your home. All parts need to work together in harmony and should be easy for any member of your household to use.

Why choose TruMedia? TruMedia is a great choice for your smart home automation needs for three distinguishing qualities. We believe it is these qualities that make us stand apart from the competition.

At TruMedia, we work hard to ensure that every member of your family is easily able to control everything. Whether you want to use a remote, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet, TruMedia makes sure that every part of your home is connected, all from one screen or app. There’s no opening separate apps to control different parts of the home—TruMedia ensures that you can control what is important to you from a single screen.  With TruMedia, your home will be truly smart.

At TruMedia, we run our business as a family, and that means having family values built in to everything we do. TruMedia’s owners, Ponch and Amanda, are a husband and wife team who treat their employees like a family—and our company is eager to adopt you into our family, too.

Having family business values means that our company stands for honesty and integrity in the midst of a field where such values aren’t always held. Ponch, Amanda, and the rest of TruMedia’s employees are committed to telling you the real story about what’s going on with the home automation world.  Read more about our smart home automation company.

As CEDIA members and Home Builder Association (HBA) members, TruMedia packs valuable credibility, experience and networking. You can be assured that TruMedia will always be on top of the ever-changing home automation industry.  Learn more about our dedication to education.

When you choose TruMedia for your smart home automation and system integration needs, you can be confident that you will receive an easy-to-operate, quality product from experts in the field, experts who will treat you like part of their own family. Choose TruMedia—we install innovation.  Contact our smart home automation experts today.