Tyler Groendyke
Systems Technician
Amanda Wildman - Owner

Ponch has always been a hands on guy. He wants to know how things work and how they work together. Ponch has the unique ability to be able to discover creative solutions to fit our customers’ needs. His ultimate goal is to have the customer look at their system and say, “Wow, that’s easy to do!”, because he knows that no matter how ‘cool’ the technology is, if you can’t use it… it’s worthless.

Sam Bowlin 
Systems Technician
Dick Myers
Systems Engineer

At TruMedia, we realize that our team is our most important asset.  Our team is dedicated to learning and doing as much as possible in an effort to present our customers with the best solutions for their technology needs.

Ponch Wildman - Owner

Amanda enjoys being creative and thinking out of the box. She likes discovering new ways to use products to create the ideal system for her customers. This has created a perfect compliment to Ponch when it comes to technology design. Working with the Wildmans, you get a unique male and female perspective to your technology needs that sets them apart from other integration companies.

Installing Innovation